Arriana Garibaldi

Alias: Geist - She can float and make herself insubstantial or invisible, sharing many qualities with the ghosts she decided to name herself after.


Arianna is composed of delicate features. Small and lithe, with long dark hair, light blue eyes, and a constant hint of mischief about her face. She dresses pretty casually, in sneakers and t-shirts, hoodies and jeans, rarely wearing jewelry, and usually sporting buds in her ears – drowning out a world that just doesn’t get her. She kind of keeps to herself. She isn’t shy, she was just forced to grow up early, and rely on her own wits to get by. She doesn’t really trust people. She’s quite the self-reliant loner – a traditional teenage archetype.

Arianna was raised in a small village outside of Florence, Italy. At a young age, she moved with her older brother to Genova, and lived there until recently.

Arriana Garibaldi

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