Celest Bradley

Alias: Homunculus - Biogenetically engineered to be a super human, she moves with great strength and speed and can elongate her limbs.


Alias: Homunculus
Real Name: Celest Bradley
Identity: Secret
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Occupation: Student
Base of Operations: Claremont Academy, Freedom City
Affiliation: None
Height: 5’-11"
Weight: 145 lb.
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Languages: English
Size: Medium

Power level 8

STR 15 (2)
DEX 22 (
CON 15 (2)
INT 10 (
WIS 16 (3)
CHA 14 (

[32 PP spent]

Saving Throws:
Toughness +10
Fortitude +6
Reflex +9
Will +7

[11 PP spent]

Defense +6
Knockback -5
Initiative +6

Attack 4
Melee +4
Grapple +10/
Ranged +4

[20 PP spent]

Elongation 3 [3 PP]
- Biological; Elongation: 25ft., range incr 30ft., +3 Escape & Grapple (Move (Active) – Personal – Sustained)
Immunity 4 [4 PP]
- Biological; Critical Hits, Poison, Starvation & Thirst (None (Passive) – Personal – Permanent)
Protection 8 [8 PP]
- Biological; +8 Toughness (None (Passive) – Personal – Permanent)
Regeneration 5 [5 PP]
- Biological; Ability Damage 1 (recover 1 / 5 hours), Recovery Rate (Bruised) 1 (recover 1 / round), Recovery Rate (Injured) 1 (recover 1 / 20 mins), Recovery Rate (Staggered) 1 (recover 1 / 20 mins), Resurrection 1 (1 week), DC 15 (None (Passive) – Personal – Permanent)
Speed 9 [9 PP]
- Biological; Speed: 5000 mph, 44000ft./rnd (Move – Personal – Sustained)
Strike 4 [5 PP]
- Biological; DC 21; Mighty (Standard (Active) – Personal – Sustained)
Super-Movement 1 [2 PP]
- Biological; Water Walking (Move (Active) – Personal – Sustained)
Super-Senses 3 [3 PP]
- Biological; Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Scent (None (Passive) – Personal – Continuous)
Super-Strength 4 [8 PP]
- Biological; +20 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 3.2k lbs; +4 STR to some checks (None (Passive) – Personal – Continuous)

[47 PP spent]

Elusive Target
Grappling Finesse
Improved Grab
Improved Pin
Move-by Action
Prone Fighting

[6 PP spent]

Bluff 2
Climb 2
Computers 1
Concentration 3
Diplomacy 4
Disguise 2
Escape Artist 11
Gamble 3
Gather Info 2
Handle Animal 2
Intimidate 2
Navigate 0
Notice 13
Search 0
Sense Motive 3
Stealth 6
Survival 3
Swim 3

[4 PP spent]

Abilities 32 + Skills 4 (16 ranks) + Feats 6 + Powers 47 + Combat 20 + Saves 11 = Total 120 PP


Created in a lab by a three privately funded doctors, a
geneticist, a biotechnologist, and an engineer, Celest was made to show the
world that humans could be created artificially; she was dubbed the ‘Homunculus
Project’. They designed her to be faster, stronger, hardier, and more
perceptive than naturally occurring humans. What wasn’t expected was the way
these traits manifested: tests concluded that she could cross an entire
continent in less than an hour, lift a van, and stretch her limbs as if they
were made of rubber.

The geneticist, Roslyn Bradley, put more time and care into
the ‘project’, than her counterparts, treating Celest as more of a surrogate
daughter than a science experiment. Dr. Bradley taught her how the world
worked, the difference between right and wrong, how to make friends, and what
it meant to be human. “Just because we created you with technology,” Dr.
Bradley always told her, “Doesn’t make you any less human than anyone else.”

Tragedy struck Celest’s life with Dr. Bradley was killed in
a car accident, but in the same instant, she was granted liberty: In Dr.
Bradley’s will, she left the last of her money to Celest, so she could afford a
lawyer. After several long months in court, Celest won her freedom and became
legally recognized as a human being, with the help of the engineer’s (Dr.Martino) testimonial that she possessed all of the qualities of a normal human. The other doctor, however, was not so willing to let Celest go, having spent the past fifteen or so years of his life ‘working on her’. Taking Martino’s testimonial as a last betrayal, the biotechnician cut all ties to his current life and hasn’t been heard from since.

Dr. Martino still keeps in contact with Celest, often sending her support checks, and supplying her with clothes that meet her capabilities of elongating, and shoes that wouldn’t fall apart immediately if she ran at full tilt.

Celest Bradley

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